Admiralty Park Guide

Go for a walk or jog

Walking or jogging along the 2km trail at Admiralty park in the morning might be one of the best way to start your day. It offers a wide variety of habitats within a compact area. you might even come across rare flora like Hedgehog Rattan, Nipah Palm (Nypah fruticans) and many more. As you stroll along the mangrove area, you might spot Long-tailed Macaques swim and dive for crabs in the mangrove.

Playground and slides!

Unlike many other playground in Singapore, Admiralty Park playgrounds and slides caters to different age groups and for varying degree of adventure, its a great places to have fun with you family members.


If you are interested in photography, Admiralty park might be a ideal place for you! Admiralty Park offers from natural habitats of wide range of wild animals, flora and fauna, to people shots with nature as the backdrop.